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Main Connect News Standout and Dominate the Job Market with a Stellar Cover Letter

Standout and Dominate the Job Market with a Stellar Cover Letter

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Business programs at Reeves can help you develop solid cover letter writing skills

Calgary, AB - September, 9, 2010 - The goal of a cover letter is to hook the reader by convincing them you could potentially be the right candidate for the job and get them to read your resume. Making a lasting first impression on a prospective employer is vital to the success of any job seeker. When an applicant sends a resume to a hiring manager without a cover letter, it is often viewed as laziness. 

Luckily, programs at Reeves College include a job search course that helps you to draft resume and cover letter samples. If you want leverage over the competition, consider these cover letter tips.

Cover Letter Format

When possible, address the hiring manager by his/her first name. Formality is necessary. Address the contact as "Mr.," "Miss.," Keep the tone professional yet enthusiastic and persuasive.   

Cover letters should be one page with a maximum of three to four paragraphs. First paragraph is the intro and covers why you are writing and how you found out about the position; the second paragraph is a brief explanation of skills, qualifications, and how your skills will help with the bottom line; the third or final paragraph should thank the manager for their time and consideration and be assertive by requesting the opportunity to meet to discuss the position.  

Always proofread. Grammatical errors and misspellings can disqualify you as prospective employers view it as carelessness. 

Cover Letter Examples

Generic cover letters are unoriginal and boring and can also be viewed as a form of laziness. If you want to be remembered, mention the company's name, job title in which you are applying, and where you found the job because hiring managers are inundated with cover letters. Applying for a job in the hospitality industry? Throw in a few facts and figures that show you know the industry you're looking to enter.

Industry Jargon
Use keywords and industry language. If possible, discuss the latest emerging trends or news. For example, if you are applying for a position as an oil and gas administrator, be sure to use the terminology that you've learned at business school.

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