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Main Connect News Medical Office Administration Can Be a Rewarding Healthcare Career

Medical Office Administration Can Be a Rewarding Healthcare Career

Monday, September 27, 2010

Medical office administration is a great career option for those interested in healthcare

Calgary, AB - September 27, 2010 - When many people think about jobs in healthcare, they most often think of the hands-on jobs such as nurses, x-ray technicians, physiotherapists, and other patient-oriented positions. However, if you would like the opportunity to work in healthcare but would like to be behind-the-scenes, perhaps you should consider medical office administration.

Medical Office Administration

Medical office assistants, also called medical administrative assistants or medical office administrators, often play an important role in the smooth running of hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices. Without medical office administration professionals, the hands-on people would not have the time to devote to patient care.

Medical Records

Although each environment varies somewhat, the basic functions of a medical office assistant usually remain the same. They may include:

  • Maintaining medical records

  • Maintaining appointment schedules

  • Greeting and preparing patients for examinations

  • Patient interaction, such as taking vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, and pulse), as well as weights and basic patient history

  • Transcribing medical records

  • Billing

  • Working with insurance companies


Of course, this list is only an example of the tasks and duties of medical assistants. In fact, the opportunity to do more and to grow professionally is also present, particularly if you go on to study further and upgrade your skills.

Medical Administration Jobs

Health or medical administration jobs can often be found anywhere a person lives, as medical administrators are needed just about everywhere. So, moving and looking for medical administration jobs may be less stressful than with some other professions.

Moving ahead in your career is also possible. Many medical administrative assistants go on to be office managers or could even end up teaching a new crop of medical administration staff at some point in their career.

As the North American population ages, there is a predicted boom in medical administration jobs across the board. If you are looking into a profession that is considered a growing profession, a career as a medical administrative assistant may be the one for you.

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