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The Appeal of Employee Benefits

Friday, October 29, 2010

Employee benefits can include a number of things like dental, healthcare and flex days

Edmonton, AB - October 29, 2010 - There are many reasons for choosing an employer with an awesome job posting, but so many times candidates overlook employee benefits. More often, benefits include dental, healthcare, extra vacation days, sick days, pension contributions, but work benefits can also include a healthy work environment, compassion days, disability leave, paid education, bonuses, share certificates, fitness and wellness programs, ongoing training, counselling services and even free snacks in the lunchroom.

Why Employee Benefits are Important

While employee benefits don't guarantee a perfect workplace, they often translate into an employer who is willing to invest in you for the long-term and help your career grow. Benefits can also add up in the long-run both financially and personally especially for young families. Employers know that workplace benefits reduce absenteeism and turnover and improve job satisfaction by taking care of the overall health of an employee. One example is health care days (rather than sick days) which can be booked off and used to attend doctor appointments or assist with childcare activities. 

Negotiate Your Employee Benefits Package

Keep in mind too that, like your salary, benefits may be negotiated. You may choose a longer vacation period over a raise; request a recreation pass as reward for no sick days, or ask for assistance with your education expenses to expand your job skills. 

Jobs with Benefits

Employers are all too aware that work and money is not the bottom line for most people, which is why many offer generous benefit packages in hopes of attracting and retaining great employees. This is good news for graduates of Reeves College as standout businesses with top notch benefit packages are posting more and more jobs with fantastic salaries and benefit packages.

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