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College Scholarship Application Tips

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A few things to remember when applying for a college scholarship

Calgary, AB - November 2, 2010 - Scholarships and bursaries can assist a student quite a bit when looking at expenses and costs for school and tuition. Take a look at these scholarship application tips to help you get the money you need to head back to school.

Applying for Scholarships

There are elements when applying for scholarships and bursaries that are just as relevant as receiving good grades and participating in extracurricular activities in high school. Keep these things in mind when filling out your scholarship application form.

Employment: What kinds of jobs have you held and where have you been employed?

Leadership Positions:  Were you the leader of any specific organizations?

Awards and Recognition: Have you received any awards or certificates that may be relevant to the career you are pursuing or the scholarship you are applying for?

Volunteer Work: Volunteer and community work show a dedication not only for the career you may be pursuing but also shows a work ethic that many judges for scholarships look for in applicants.

Special Courses of Study:  Have you taken or enrolled in any specific courses that express your interest in paralegal, legal assistant or law related careers?

Career Interests: It is important to include the career interests that you have that apply to the specific education and scholarship or bursary.

How to Apply for Scholarships

Other things to have prepared or to keep in mind when applying for scholarships include letters of recommendation from people such as teachers, employers, volunteer work supervisors and club advisors. The people who help you with recommendation letters will most likely also have some tips on how to apply for scholarships - use these resources to help you along the way.

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