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Main Connect News Businesses Turn to iPads to Stay Current

Businesses Turn to iPads to Stay Current

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why more businesses are turning to the mobile technology

Calgary, AB
– September 7, 2011 - In business, information is key to meeting the needs of your customers. As technology evolves to create new ways to collect and disseminate information, many businesses are turning to iPads to stay apace with the times. 

Today’s new business tool, the iPad, allows information sharing and updates in real time. For example, policy manuals, orientation binders and customer service guidelines can be replaced with iPads. The search functions make it easy to recall statistics, policies and processes, allowing an employee to better function at their job. Updates are downloaded to the iPad immediately saving time and money. There is no longer a need for reprinting and updating binders, which also helps the environment. Some companies have found that adopting iPads also helps to attract younger workers, bringing new ideas and passion to their business.

As iPads become more commonplace in business, users are capitalizing on their small size to share presentations. A sales person can showcase a product with slides, or access the company’s web site to highlight product reviews. Knowing a customer likes to have comparison information, a sales person can highlight key competitive advantages in their presentation and update the sales pitch on the way to a meeting.

The touch screen technology is simple but the applications, or apps, make the iPad a powerful business tool. Harnessing the power of iPad and capitalizing on its strengths will ensure its success in the business realm. Reeve’s College knows this and is pioneering iPads in the classroom. Students will use the technology in a number of applications on a day to day basis in their studies, giving them the advantage they need to impress employers upon graduation.

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