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Main Connect News Top 5 Educational Apps for Reeves College Students

Top 5 Educational Apps for Reeves College Students

Friday, September 9, 2011

Get equipped with the hottest apps for your iPad

Now that you have your iPad and are ready to go for school, why not add some of these useful and fun apps to your tablet? There are hundreds of apps available to download, but we’ve got your list of the top five best apps for college students.

Here’s an easy and simple way to read your favorite books or discover new titles on your iPad. iBooks includes the iBookstore which holds a library of books ranging from best-sellers to classic novels.

You’ll need a word processor on your iPad to create, edit and view documents. Pages is a program for typing out your essays and assignments. You can also sort your documents in their new document manager.

Whether you are researching for a class project or reading up on your favorite topics, the StumbleUpon! app allows you to quickly discover pages, photos and videos recommended by friends or people online.

Who needs a pen and paper when Penultimate allows you write on your iPad? Take notes or sketch your designs and illustrations by hand just as if the iPad was a pad of paper. The app also lets you save your files on different paper templates and designs and share them with your friends or classmates.

You’ll find the Yelp app extremely helpful during those long study sessions or group meetings when you’re craving a cup of coffee, quick bite to eat or full-sized meal. Yelp allows you to search for places to eat, shop or drink and provides reviews written by people in the know.

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