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Main Connect News Business Management Paves the Road for Many Career Paths

Business Management Paves the Road for Many Career Paths

Monday, November 28, 2011

A strong education is the basis for any career, and a background in business administration opens up opportunities across a number of fields. While many students may see themselves as entrepreneurs and CEOs, others may find themselves working in other professions – like staffing.

While the role has traditionally been filled by human resources professionals, many industries are starting to see the benefits of hiring employees with experience and education in the position they are trying to fill.

In a recent article, the Calgary Herald claimed that modern firms recognize that people with expertise in a particular field will be able to make more educated selections when staffing a new business venture than someone new to the profession. As a result, business professionals are in high demand at staffing organizations and HR departments across the country.

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Registrar for Toronto's Human Resources Professionals Association, Claude Balthazard agrees, telling the news source that business students entering staffing positions bring "a knowledge of the community [they] came from and [an ability] to use those connections to find the right people and assignments."

Students enrolled in business classes at Reeves College can rest assured that their education will open a number of doors in the future. To get started on this versatile career path, simply fill out the form to your right.