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Main Connect News Research is Crucial For Paralegals

Research is Crucial For Paralegals

Friday, January 6, 2012

For many paralegals, research is a crucial part of their jobs in a law office. Often tasked with assessing supporting documentation for legal briefs, these professionals can be instrumental in the preparation of a case for trial. Students enrolled in paralegal training at Reeves College may find themselves taking an increasing technological approach to research and data collection when they enter the field.

One tool that may be particularly useful to paralegals is QDA Miner 4, developed by Provalis Research. This software enables users to conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative research from large text documents, including legal briefs, research reports, journal articles and lengthy transcripts. The software also supports comprehensive statistical reporting functions, in addition to numerical and categorization sorting tools.

Paralegals and other legal assistants are assets to any legal team. According to ParalegalAdvice.com, they should have excellent research and analytical skills. And, as these professionals are involved in the preparation of documents that lawyers will use in court, accuracy and attention to detail are essential on the job, as well.

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