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Main Connect News Alberta's Increased Job Growth Shows Promise for Business Professionals

Alberta's Increased Job Growth Shows Promise for Business Professionals

Friday, January 20, 2012

Alberta is one of the regions in Canada that has positively contributed to the nation's job growth, according to reports from Troy Media and CBC News.

The latest Labour Force Survey reports that Alberta added 99,000 occupations over the past year, which equals almost half of all new jobs in the country. Additionally, the statistics report highlighted that the positions were primarily full-time.

The surge of employment in Alberta will most likely continue in 2012 at a slower yet consistent pace, reports Canadian economist Todd Hirsch to Troy Media.

While it may seem difficult to stand out among a number of qualified candidates, students may have a better chance of landing a desired job if they show they can improve a company’s success. Contributing ideas on how to expand a company's business may impress the boss and ultimately advance a young professionals career.

Business-minded individuals can learn more about sales, marketing and administration techniques that may lead to job expansion and higher production demands at Reeves College. Begin by filling out the form on the right and enroll in the college's business administration courses to learn the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career in the world of business.