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Main Connect News Reeves College Partners with Optimal Resume

Reeves College Partners with Optimal Resume

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New online resume building service is available to students, alumni free of charge

Reeves College is excited to announce a partnership with Optimal Resume, a web-based resume builder that will allow users to construct professional, multimedia resumes and share them online. The service is available to all Reeves College students and alumni free-of-charge.

As of February 1, 2012, students and alumni can create cover letters, resumes and other supporting documents quickly and easily through Optimal Resume. They can also practice for interviews and take skills assessments through the single, easy-to-use portal. In addition, users can turn their career documents into a professional website, an increasingly important tool in the modern job search.

Once they’ve set up their accounts, users will be able to access dozens of templates and samples to create their professional resumes and place them in an employer-searchable database. They can also build an online portfolio or create a confidential website that features their resumes and other materials to share with potential employers. Users can even record a video resume to give employers a taste of their own personality.

The service also allows employers to post career opportunities directly to the Reeves College portal. Graduates and alumni can access these postings and apply directly for these positions through Optimal Resume.

“We want our grads to have the tools necessary for today's competitive job market, and we think Optimal Resume will give them an edge,” says Dean Tremain, Reeves College’s Director of Graduate and Career Services. “We know that this tool will make it easier for our graduates to market themselves and reach a wider range of potential employers.”

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