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Main Connect News Make the Most Out of a Paralegal Career

Make the Most Out of a Paralegal Career

Thursday, March 22, 2012

While no professional can predict exactly how much money they will make in their future careers, certain resources are available that can give aspiring paralegals an idea of how comfortable a living they can make for themselves.

A paralegal's salary can vary depending on education, training, experience, geographical location and more. Out of the four main specialties of law - litigation, probate, real estate and corporate/business law - litigation and corporate law typically pay the highest salaries, according to national statistics. A professional in one of these fields can focus their specialty even further, working in areas such as bankruptcy law, insurance, patents and healthcare.

Generally, the pay for paralegals varies throughout regions of Canada. Some receive an annual salary, while others are paid an hourly wage. The average rate per hour in Alberta was higher than most provinces in the nation, according to Statistics Canada. British Columbia and Ontario followed closely behind.

The largest out of all sectors of paralegal occupations is within professional, scientific and technical services, as well as one of the highest average pay rates, according to the statistics database. Those who wish to enter this field and make the most of their careers can enroll in the Paralegal program at Reeves College to obtain their diploma. To begin registration, fill out the form on the right.