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Main Connect News Communicate Professionally with Coworkers and Professors

Communicate Professionally with Coworkers and Professors

Monday, March 26, 2012

Any aspiring businessman or woman should know and practice some essential tips to help boost their professionalism. A simple, careless mistake in typing can lead to a faux pas that ultimately causes coworkers to take one of their peers less seriously. Or, in other cases, one small error can result in the loss of a job opportunity.

First things first: Proofread.
While spell check can save students from making glaring typos, many typing bloopers can go overlooked by a computer system. "Manger" instead of "manager" and "morality" instead of "morale" are two examples that business professors around Canada told The Globe and Mail that they have witnessed in resumes and job applications. The only answer is to proofread and let others review the work and catch mistakes that may have gone unnoticed.

Don't address coworkers with "text speak."
Popular internet and text message acronyms like "LOL" and "BRB" do not have a place in work communications. In order to build a respectable and successful career, students must maintain a professional demeanor, and to do so, they must lose the text jargon.

When students choose to pursue a program such as Business Administration Management at Reeves College, they can begin to practice these methods with their peers and professors and observe the way others handle the professional atmosphere. To begin enrollment and get started on the right career path, fill out the form on the right.