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Main Connect News Prepare For That First Job After College

Prepare For That First Job After College

Monday, April 23, 2012

Today's job market can be competitive, regardless of the industry. Job seekers need to be more pro-active than before in order to compete other college graduates and anyone else looking for employment. There are certain techniques that recent business administration management grad can help them along the way.

First, students or recent graduates should clean up their internet profiles. Any questionable pictures, activity or comments posted on a Facebook profile can be the contributing factor of not getting a call back.

Next, it won't hurt create a separate email account to help organize any online activity. Using a service like Gmail may prevent a job application from being blocked as some employers may not accept Hotmail addresses or anything ending with .edu.

Create a new voicemail greeting. If party noises can be heard in the background or the outgoing message sounds a little unprofessional in any way, replace it.

Practice your professional behaviour in class. Students in the Business Administration Management program at Reeves College can work on their professionalism with their classmates and instructors. For more information about the program, fill out the form on the right.