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Main Connect News Government Agencies Hire Paralegals

Government Agencies Hire Paralegals

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Though law offices are the typical workplace environment for Alberta paralegals, other types of industries also need assistance from these types of legal professionals, such as real estate firms, financial institutions and government agencies. These industries often recruit paralegals and administrative workers to help them organize client cases and keep records of legal documents.

Throughout Canada, government-based companies have increasingly needed more paralegals in their workplace. While the job title may not necessarily be paralegal, certain jobs at government companies demand the same types of skills that a paralegal professional would possess, including civil rights specialists and personnel management specialists.

Preparing legal documents, maintaining records and conducting research to assist other professionals are all common daily tasks of a paralegal working in a government agency. In students' practicum, they can choose the type of office environment that they wish to work in the future and gain real world experience before graduating. For five weeks, they will act as regular employees, interacting with seasoned legal professionals and building a stronger network of connections.

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