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Main Connect News Statistics Show a Positive Future for Business Students

Statistics Show a Positive Future for Business Students

Thursday, May 3, 2012

According to Statistics Canada, the country has seen an increase in full-time employment over the past few months, with the business and finance sectors among the high growth fields. And this development shows no sign of stopping soon.

Since 2009, the nation has seen constant growth in employment, and that development shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. On the reverse end, the unemployment rate has steadily gone down over the past three years, according to the labor statistics. Ultimately, one of the highest growing industries across the country is business and finance.

The number of jobs added in these sectors offset half of the declines experienced in other industries over the previous months. Now, employers are on the hunt for professionals in financial and business administration fields to improve the production process and overall functionality of the company.

Stats Can reports that wages, employment rates and job vacancies have all gone up this year. All of these areas are expected to continue growing at the same gradual rate. Students who are considering a future in business can take career focused training at at Reeves College such as the Business Administration Management program. For more information, fill out the form on the right.