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Main Connect News Make a Strong First Impression in a Paralegal Job Interview

Make a Strong First Impression in a Paralegal Job Interview

Thursday, May 10, 2012

For legal professionals, the first impression they make can be crucial in landing the job that they desire. Whether in a courtroom or presenting a project to a seasoned lawyer, an initial impression can drastically change the way managers perceive a less experienced worker. Even before entering a courtroom, however, aspiring paralegals and legal administrative assistants must nail their job interview.

For some people, nerves can be overwhelming, especially during a job interview. Interview anxiety can lead people to make mistakes or say things that they normally wouldn't if they were at ease. CareerBuilder Canada recently compiled a list of mishaps that hiring managers from around the country have witnessed firsthand. While some blunders were absurd, such as bringing a "how-to" book to the interview or asking the company's name, there were numerous common mistakes that would never lead to a job offer.

According to the survey, between 72-77 percent of recruiters have witnessed job candidates answer their cell phones or text during an interview, dress inappropriately and appear arrogant or disinterested during the meeting. With a little thought and preparation, these errors can easily be avoided.

Interview subjects should immediately put their phones on silent before entering the building in order to avoid interrupting their interview. In addition, a crisp, clean-cut and professional ensemble will make them appear professional at the recruiter's first glance.

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