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Main Connect News Your Actions Can Speak Louder Than Words in the Workplace

Your Actions Can Speak Louder Than Words in the Workplace

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Employees who slump at their desks, fold their arms during meetings or let their eyes wander during professional conversations may not even realize they're communicating through their body language. Their actions may come across as insecure or stand-offish to their coworkers, and they may even make other colleagues feel uncomfortable and less confident as well. However, by being aware of their own nonverbal communication, employees may be able to exude confidence, even when they don't feel that way.

During face-to-face business conversations, business professionals should make eye contact with whomever they're speaking. While most people are inclined to avert their eyes, with a little extra effort, new business professionals can impress coworkers and supervisors by appearing more attentive and involved in their conversations.

Sometimes people may make facial expressions without even realizing they are doing it. One way to help prevent this behavior is by practicing presentations in front of a mirror or with friends who are willing to help out. This way, new business professionals can catch their inadvertent frowns and strive to avoid them during an important meeting at work.

It is essential to remember that body language can be interpreted differently. By standing tall, making eye contact and smiling, new business professionals can display their confidence which may help advance their careers. Those interested in preparing for a career in the business world can enroll in the Business Administration Management program at Reeves College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.