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Main Connect News Taking Initiative as a New Legal Administrative Professional

Taking Initiative as a New Legal Administrative Professional

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Legal administrative assistant graduates, like all new professionals, want to make a good first impression when they start a new job. Whether switching jobs or transitioning from the classroom to the real world, all new employees have new responsibilities and guidelines to learn. Even with a thorough orientation, new employees can learn the ropes independently and impress their colleagues from day one.

Whether they're starting out in a law firm, government office or a corporate legal department, new legal administrative assistants should make sure they're clear on what the new boss expects. By learning important deadlines and the priority levels their projects, new employees can ensure they're getting off to a good start.

Once they have been in the job for a few months, a new employee can also offer to help train the next person hired for a similar position. Now that they've got a handle on their daily duties, they may be able to help others learn the ropes. By doing this, they're also showing supervisors that their passion and commitment to the job.

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