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Main Connect News Business Managers Adapt to a Changing Workplace

Business Managers Adapt to a Changing Workplace

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The traditional workplace for a Generation X business professional once consisted of all employees congregating in one building filled with offices, cubicles and a few conference rooms. Today, the office environment can be entirely different. Generation Y employees often work from their own homes, a coffee shop or another one of their company's bases in a different city, state or even country.

Modern advancements in technology have allowed companies to seek out and hire the best talent in the world, no matter where they are located. While this progress allows companies to build the strongest team possible, there are some challenges that business managers face with cross-border working.

Managers have to keep in consideration the difference of time zones when setting up conference calls or other meetings. Typically, one side of the call will have to sacrifice hours in the night or morning to accommodate the workers on the other end. Maintaining a fairness in these situations can be difficult and it is the manager's duty to keep both sides as balanced as possible.

Another challenging obstacle for business administrators is building a sense of camaraderie between coworkers who have perhaps never even met in person. A human being's trust and togetherness can shift almost immediately once the social side of collaborative work is stripped away.

These changes are common workplace factors that new business managers have had to adapt to in the past decade. For a fundamental  business education, students can enroll in the  Business Administration Management program at Reeves College and help further their careers in management. To begin, fill out the form on the right.