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Main Connect News Paralegals Must Follow a Strict Set of Principles

Paralegals Must Follow a Strict Set of Principles

Thursday, July 26, 2012

In every region of Canada, paralegals must follow a certain code of ethics. Typically under the advisement of lawyers and other legal professionals, they are expected to abide by these principles as they carry out their professional duties.

The Alberta Association of Professional Paralegals has developed regulations for paralegals to follow. First, according to the official code, paralegals should always be subject to the supervision of their principal, and should never represent themselves individually to a client as a lawyer. The code also states that, they should only provide legal advice that their supervisors have approved.

Additionally, any information that a client or principal reveals to a paralegal should be held in strict confidence, and only divulged if the principal has given permission to do so or it is required by law, according to the code.

Paralegals should be aware that their behavior is a direct reflection of their employer, so each action they make should be carefully considered beforehand. Students who feel that they are a good fit for the role can look into paralegal courses at Reeves College and train for a career as a paralegal in Alberta. For more information, fill out the form on the right.