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Main Connect News Advance a Career with Targeted Business Programs

Advance a Career with Targeted Business Programs

Friday, August 3, 2012

Today, the connection between a college education and students' careers has become more strengthened than in past years. Leaders of today's colleges are working hard to create business programs that produce job-ready grads with practical experience in each field.

Students who engage in practicum and learn work skills while in the classroom are a major step ahead of those who have never had any relevant field experience. Many schools across Canada are diversifying their course offerings in response to demands within the industry. Students have also recently realized the value of a business background in today's job market.

While liberal arts degrees are a means of well-rounded education, positions such as an office coordinator, customer service representative or a marketing assistant require more specific skills that will help workers get the job done. Many schools have observed that students are choosing targeted programs over the more general areas of study, and business leaders have shown heightened interest in these job-prepared young adults.

Not only can career-based programs prepare students better for jobs, they provide the best environment for networking opportunities. Fellow students and professors of the courses all share the same passions within the industry, and could potentially have a connection to a student's dream job.

Business administration courses at Reeves College can help prepare students to confidently enter the job market with the skills they need to succeed. To begin enrollment, fill out the form on the right.