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Main Connect News Legal Hiring Managers Seek Administrative Assistants in 2012

Legal Hiring Managers Seek Administrative Assistants in 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Legal administrative professionals across Canada can begin their job search with confidence this year according to new data released by Robert Half Legal Hiring. The leading staffing firm recently surveyed about 75 executives from law firms throughout the nation, ranging in sizes from 20 to 1,000-plus employees. All respondents have significant influence on hiring within their companies.

The results of the survey concluded that this year's employment prospects for new legal admins or paralegals entering the field are bright, with nearly half of the lawyers interviewed sharing that they intend to hire full-time legal staff during the third quarter of this year. Only three per cent of participants expect staff cuts.

According to the Hiring Index, the most in-demand positions include paralegals and legal administrative assistants within practice areas such as corporate law, litigation and intellectual property. About 73 percent of lawyers polled revealed that they spend a great deal of time hunting down the best talent for the job, which is a factor that aspiring legal professionals can keep in mind while they scour the job market.

Not only are Canadian firms looking to add to their growing agencies with new staff, but corporate legal departments are also seeking more workers to handle greater internal pressures. Additionally, the Hiring Index data revealed that higher salaries may be in the future for paralegals and legal assistants as well, as the number of positions that open up increases and the need to hold on to skilled workers becomes even greater.

Seasoned paralegals and legal secretaries stand out against all other candidates, according to the study. Aspiring professionals who enroll at Reeves College will not only have an impressive repertoire of relevant courses under their belts, they will also have real-life experience at a law firm or agency through a practicum placement.

Students who wish to dive into this field can develop the knowledge and skills they need to impress hiring managers by enrolling in the Legal Administrative Assistant program at Reeves College. After learning about Canada's various court systems, civil litigation, real estate law and completing a practicum placement, students may be ready to present their talents to recruiters and enter a firm as a skilled legal assistant. For more information, fill out the form on the right.