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Main Connect News Find the Right Fit When Applying to Legal Positions

Find the Right Fit When Applying to Legal Positions

Friday, September 21, 2012

A strong cultural fit for both a new employee and the company is crucial to creating an solid team. Sometimes, professionals might not even realize the factors that help them decide whether a company is the right place for them. It could even be a subconscious decision that they made without recognizing what caused their excitement about an opportunity or their lack of hesitation about accepting an offer.

When legal administrative assistant grads are seeking new opportunities at various firms, they can keep a mental checklist of what to look for to help them find the right fit.

Style of the workplace

When professionals get their first tour of an office, they might notice that all of the employees are hard at work at their desks with only the quiet noise of typing echoing through the open room. This perspective does not necessarily give a potential candidate a good grasp on what the common work style is, and if employees stay well past traditional office hours or clear out as soon as their supervisor leaves. While applicants may not receive all of their desired answers right away, they can ask hiring managers about the office's overall work ethic to gain an idea of their potential workplace.

Gauge a company by its supervisors

New legal administrative assistants can tell much about a law firm by the leading lawyers of the office. The way they lead teams, focus on projects and change their behavior depending on whom they are speaking with can provide candidates with significant insight about how they will fit within the company culture. If new professionals value an equal level of respect among coworkers, they can keep this in mind as they tour the workplace and observe how administrative workers, supervisors and executives interact with one another.

Meetings, meetings, meetings

After sitting in on a meeting, new legal administrative assistants might develop a greater level of understanding of a particular company. While this may be difficult to do before the hiring stage, a new employee can request to attend a meeting and watch how different colleagues interact with each other. While the experience may be an eye opener, it may help a new hire realize that they made the right career decision.

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