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Main Connect News Learn About Healthy Lifestyles at Get Calgary Healthy

Learn About Healthy Lifestyles at Get Calgary Healthy

Friday, October 12, 2012

When it comes to health, Calgary is getting serious about informing citizens about smart nutrition practices and personal well-being. This October, Get Calgary Healthy will return to the TELUS Convention Centre to enlighten hundreds of attendees on philosophies, values and strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A number of renowned leaders in the field, including Sherry Strong, David Wolfe and Ann Barnes will contribute their expert advice to this all-day event, and vendors from across Alberta will provide their services to boost the prevalence of healthy living in Calgary.

Who to Expect
Those who attend this October 14 festival will get a chance to mingle with professionals from Hoven Farms, a family-run farm providing local, sustainable organic beef to the residents of Calgary. The company ensures that their animals are not just grass fed, but grass finished, which means that grass and forages are the only sources of food that their livestock receives throughout their lifespan. While residents can purchase the farm's meat directly on the farm or at public events like the Kingsland Farmers Market, the Get Calgary Healthy festival is a great place to meet the owners of the farm and sample their top-notch fare. Staff members will shed some light on the health benefits of grass-finished beef and potentially lead healthcare students to make the permanent switch to this wholesome form of meat.

Mum's Original is another seller to look out for at the event, and produces nutrient-rich foods with ingredients that hail from a number of partnership farms in the area, all of which boast the same values as the parent company. Growing and sourcing locally, as well as using a "back to basics" philosophy, are only some of the principles at the core of this small business. Ann Barnes, one of the featured speakers at Get Calgary Healthy, is one of Mum's Original's beloved ambassadors, and offers a number of delicious recipes such as coconut garlic broccoli, omega veggie skewers and Israeli hemp salad, which customers can find on the company website.

After perusing the diverse array of stalls present at the event, guests can prepare for an afternoon of enlightening talks from a naturopathic practitioner, nutrition authors, farmers and more.

Students in the Calgary region who share the same passions as these health professionals should consider enrolling in healthcare courses at Reeves College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.