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Main Connect News Introverted Business Leaders Get Ahead in the Corporate World

Introverted Business Leaders Get Ahead in the Corporate World

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Naturally, extroverted leaders stand out. Their boisterous personalities, apparent self-confidence and conversational skills can help make them instant successes in the workplace, and often help them land promotions that they may have been eyeing. While the social extrovert possesses a voice that is heard above quieter workers, the introvert is a valuable individual to have on a business team as well.

According to recent research by Francesca Gino of Harvard University and David Hoffman of the University of North Carolina, a significant correlation exists between the types of leadership style needed and the behavior of employees. Gino explained her findings to the Financial Post, sharing that introverts are ultimately more receptive to people since they tend to listen more than extroverts.

First, professionals must think before they speak. This simple phrase is one of the earliest lessons children learn and is still an important principle in the working world. Professionals who consider what others have to say first, reflect and then respond are much more likely to gain respect from their coworkers, according to the university research.

Additionally, those who typically wait to let thoughts sink in before acting on them are likely to exude an aura of calmness. This quality is crucial in times of crisis, when employees all around them are showing apparent signs of stress and disarray. Introverted business managers can help these workers come back down to level ground simply by projecting a reassuring and unruffled demeanor.

While some extroverted leaders may jump at certain ideas, opportunities and business plans at the start, introverted managers focus on depth rather than the surface level. Before deeming a business plan to be a good idea, quieter leaders dig deeply into the new idea and make their decision after carefully thinking out every issue that may arise.

While strong teamwork is essential to creating a seamless company environment, experiencing some solitude is also important to help clear the head and come up with fresh ideas. Introverted leaders often relish these moments and re-energize by spending time alone. After a solo retreat, business professionals can return to the bustling workplace with renewed energy and enthusiasm that can ultimately spread to other coworkers as well.

Students with a natural sense of introversion can embrace their personality type and use it to their advantage as they pursue professional roles in the business world. To get started in their careers, they can enroll in business courses at Reeves College. For more information on the Business Administration and E-Commerce Management program, fill out the form on the right.