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Main Connect News What To Know Before Job Interviews

What To Know Before Job Interviews

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jobs are opening up in the business sector, but it is up to the job seeker to prove themselves to an employer. Taking business courses in college is the first step toward creating a foundation of knowledge and skills, and in order to demonstrate a strong grasp of these skills aspiring business professionals need to be ready to ace a job interview.

Career expert Dan Schawbel encourages job seekers to treat an interview like they're trying to win over a client. In a recent The Financial Post article, he spoke about eliminating risk for the employer.

"Why would they want to hire someone they're not 1,000 percent sure about?" he asks

To land a job in the business world, workers should use their training in business administration courses to dazzle their way through an interview. Here are two main tips to help students work their way up in the business field.

Have a Reference
In many cases, a reference may be needed to get a start in the business world. Schwabel recommends tracking down a knowledgeable expert with plenty of connections, such as someone who has published books or research in the field. Offer services to their business, ask to interview them or even just strike up a conversation to build a relationship. This provides a base for networking and job opportunities, not to mention a valuable mentoring experience.

Even students who can snag a reference from an instructor may have a leg up on the competition. Students can connect with a teacher to show that they are invested in their education and form a professional relationship. In addition, the time spent with an instructor may improve the overall quality of a student's work and their understanding of the course material.

Show Your Work
Most employers will ask an applicant about any past experience that relates to their desired new position. Students can use examples from their education and work experience to show their capabilities, such as a promotional plan from a marketing class or sample writings from a business communication course. Demonstrating a grasp on the responsibilities of the job can help an employer feel more comfortable about a potential hire.

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