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Business Meetups in Calgary

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aspiring business professionals know that networking can be one of the most important parts of the job. Students or workers who are looking for opportunities to branch out in their desired field to find mentors or potential employers can find many spots for this in Calgary, where entrepreneurs often come together.

Students looking to get an edge over the competition should consider taking a break from their studies at a business administration program and heading to one of the many opportunities available in Calgary.

The Business Link
On the third Tuesday of each month, entrepreneurs from around Alberta come together for a Business Link Meetup to share ideas and lessons learned at centres in Calgary and Edmonton. With a goal of creating a creative and nurturing environment for business people to share knowledge and ideas with fellow workers.  Owners looking to grow a new company or students searching for a way to break into the workforce are welcome, and can greatly benefit from the chance to soak up tales of personal experience from others.

Innovation Exchange
Innovation Exchange is a monthly meeting of Calgary citizens who are interested in coming together to solve social problems. Workers and students who see themselves as social innovators will not want to miss this event, which brings together forward thinkers from across Alberta to discuss some of the most important ideas in society today.

Whether the goal is to launch a non-profit or run a socially-responsible business, talking with fellow entrepreneurs and community workers at Innovation Exchange can help to get students on the correct course. The event is held on the last Wednesday of each month from 5 to 7 p.m., and individuals in the Calgary area looking for a place to share ideas and meet other business people are welcome to join. Students can attend to show off their skills, as well as to make connections and network within the business world.

Bring a Knowledge Base
To get the most out of these meetups, students should be prepared to take what they learned in the classroom and transfer it to a business setting. Being able to talk about new ideas or the vast potential for new startups is a necessity, as is the ability to make connections with other entrepreneurs from around the province. Students can find their next mentor or employer at one of these events, so those who are serious about landing a job in business should not miss out on these meetups.

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