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Main Connect News New Refinery Would Strengthen Canada's Oil Industry

New Refinery Would Strengthen Canada's Oil Industry

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

British Columbia-based company Kitimat Clean Ltd. filed an application to build a new oil refinery in Kitimat, a structure that would strengthen the country's oil industry. Construction of the new facility would likely impact many citizens, from current workers in the industry to aspiring professionals currently training to enter the field.

Benefits to the Region
The Vancouver Sun outlined some of the benefits of the refinery. Modern technology would create a cleaner, more efficient means of production, which would help both the environment and the people of Canada.

"There is indisputably a strong world market for refined petroleum products," David Black, CEO of Kitimat Clean Ltd., wrote in an op-ed published by the newspaper. "Furthermore a West Coast refinery is much better positioned geographically to take advantage of markets in the Pacific, including the U.S. West Coast."

Building a modern facility could capitalize on this growing market, and put the Canadian oil business in a place to compete with major U.S. companies. Creating a new major player in the industry can bring millions of dollars to the Canadian economy and offer tax revenue that would help fund schools, healthcare, highways and more, the news source reports.

Job Creation
There are 19 refineries currently operating on Canadian soil, and adding one more could help boost the overall outlook of the oil and gas industry while also offering thousands of career opportunities to people throughout western Canada

More than 6,000 workers would be used over the course of the five years needed to build the complex, and after that time more than 3,000 permanent jobs will rely on the refinery.

The oil and gas industry already accounts for more than 275,000 jobs in Alberta, according to Harcourt Recruiting Specialists. As new refineries and complexes are constructed, this number will continue to grow, but qualified professionals are needed to fill jobs from general labourers to administrative and management positions.

A recent skills shortage has greatly affected the hiring process in this industry, so workings trying to land a job in the oil and gas field should consider taking courses to further their education.

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