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Main Connect News Leadership Skills a Necessity for Business Students

Leadership Skills a Necessity for Business Students

Thursday, December 6, 2012

As the business world continues to shift with the development of new technologies and changing economy, the skills needed for workers to succeed in the industry change as well. For any aspiring professional striving to make it in the business world, two important qualities stand apart: leadership and management. These personal skills are becoming increasingly vital in new hires, so schools are starting to put an emphasis on cultivating these characteristics.

Leadership and management are necessary for employees looking to navigate the business world. Between the emphasis on decision making and the addition of technology to many companies, business schools are changing the way they teach the subject. More schools are moving to an approach that includes creativity and well-rounded knowledge, including practical skills and aspects of many different sectors of business into the material.

"The future is going to be even more complex, and innovation, creativity and complex decision-making are going to be even more important, so that's the next focus," Dr. Murali Chandrashekaran, a business professor, told The Globe and Mail. "We want to teach students to work with diversity... so the global immersion is crucial."

Professionals who aren't afraid to take charge or speak up about new ideas are quickly becoming attractive hires, and as a result leadership is moving up the ranks of desired skills. Capable leaders need to be able to communicate and analyze data beyond corporate terminology and formal reports, forming personal relationships with clients in order to avoid the same problems that contributed to the economic downturn.

Interpersonal relationships are often founded upon so-called "soft skills" like leadership, the news source reports. By finding employees with these personable qualities, companies can begin building positive relationships with clients and customers, making students who improve their leadership with education more valuable to the workforce.

Management is quickly becoming a necessary tool as well. Today's workers are often expected to juggle responsibilities from many different roles, including aspects of human resources, accounting, marketing and economics. Being able to manage these skills, as well as other workers present in those industries, is growing as a valuable skill in the business world.

Ultimately these characteristics come together to help form a basis for strong business ethics and decision making. By improving leadership and management skills with courses, extracurriculars and experience, students can make themselves more attractive to employers.

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