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Main Connect News Christmas Shopping for Budget-Conscious Students

Christmas Shopping for Budget-Conscious Students

Friday, December 21, 2012

Buying gifts when students are on a budget can be tough, particularly when they're on the hunt to find something for a special loved one. While it may seem like the best presents are expensive, there are actually some ideas that are not only affordable but thoughtful as well.

Here are some last-minute gift ideas that can help students get their Christmas shopping completed in no time:

Family recipes
Does your family have a long line of family members who are spectacular cooks in the kitchen? A great gift for friends or relatives can be a binder filled with the best recipes that have been passed down over the years. Not only is it a thoughtful gift to give to someone special, but it's also a nice way to reconnect with family members. After filling up a book with the best recipes for a pumpkin pie, chicken casserole and spanakopita, gift givers can include their own special recipe and leave some extra blank pages for the recipient to add their own final personal touches to the book.

Etsy gifts
The online marketplace Etsy is one of the best spots to find unique presents that shoppers won't find anywhere else. Those searching for gifts can find handcrafted jewellery, clothing, funky gadgets and home decor items from all over the world in one place, which can make great gifts for friends or loved ones of all ages. Most of these items are reasonably priced, and some artisans will even negotiate rates and shipping if necessary.

Personal scrapbook
Memories last a lifetime, especially when people have photographs to look at that remind them of these special moments in their lives. Making a scrapbook for a partner, friend or family member can be more thoughtful than any present that students can buy at stores, and they can keep it forever as a symbol of the pair's close bond. Gift givers can incorporate lyrics from their favourite songs, paintings, lines of poetry and, of course, photographs to make it an unforgettable gift.

Secret Santa
This method can significantly help students' spending habits during the holidays. Whether arranging a group Secret Santa with friends or family, gift givers can focus on finding a gift for one person instead of the entire circle, making their shopping duties easier and their bank accounts happier.

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