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Main Connect News New Oil Sands Patent May Revamp Industry Processes

New Oil Sands Patent May Revamp Industry Processes

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Titanium Corporation, an oil sands company that aims to develop new technologies to help improve the environment of the region while also furthering the oil industry, recently announced that it secured a patent for a new technology. The innovative process Titanium has created recovers hydrocarbon diluents from oil sands tailings, which in turn reduces the amount of solvent released into the environment.

Implementing the technology should not only help the environment by preventing the emission of harmful chemicals like greenhouse gases and nitrous oxides, which are often expelled from the oil sands after froth treatments, Beacon News reports. The water quality would then be improved and there could be a higher demand for minerals like Zircon, which can be collected with the help of this technology.

"Achieving this most recent patent is another important milestone in the commercialization of our technology," said Scott Nelson, the president and chief executive officer of the company. "This patent bolsters our unique position in tailings reclamation and resource recovery... Our technologies provide comprehensive, industry wide solutions to the environment remediation of tailings, while the recovery of minerals, bitumen, solvents and water create new economic opportunities for all stakeholders." 

By improving the overall outlook of the oil sands, the Titanium Corporation is ensuring that the region should be thriving - and contributing to the economy - for decades to come. These environmental improvements are essential for the oil industry, as it needs to maintain high levels of exports while also expanding the business opportunities of the sector.

It also enables businesses in the region to function more cleanly and efficiently, streamlining the efforts of companies so they can put funds and manpower elsewhere. Businesses can now build or expand their processes and hire more workers to run these sections, growing the company and providing jobs for the region at the same time. Increasing the number of available jobs opens up many opportunities for qualified individuals, and even those looking at entering the oil and gas field for the first time can take courses to make themselves more attractive to employers.

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