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Main Connect News Canadian Oil Companies Search for New Resources

Canadian Oil Companies Search for New Resources

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Alberta's oil sands region may be booming, but that hasn't stopped many Canadian companies from seeking expansion locations overseas. The East-West Petroleum Corporation is one business that already began looking for shale oil and gas deposits in places like the Assam region of India.

Nation Eyes Expansion Options
Officials from East-West Petroleum have already travelled to India in order to meet with members of Assam's government in the hopes of sparking a partnership.

"Assam has huge reserves of shale oil and gas," said Herb Dhaliwal, former Minister of Natural Resources who now works with East-West Petroleum, as quoted in the Business Standard. "We have come here to explore and invest. We want to be partners in progress with [the] government of Assam. We want the support and cooperation of [the] government towards this end."

Dhaliwal highlighted the fact that Canada's top-notch technology has helped North America produce 20 per cent of its oil and gas from shale deposits, much like the ones they are looking at in India. The potential supply of fuel in Assam, combined with these technological advancements, could make for a large number of investment and employment opportunities, the news source reports.

These companies are not limiting their expansion ideas to foreign countries. Several corporations are looking at creating a cross-country oil pipeline or buying up more shares of the oil sands region in order to grow their business without leaving the nation's borders.

International Companies Looking to Canada
Canadian corporations may be exploring their options, but many other companies are looking to the nation as a source due to its energy resources. The nation holds the world's third-largest oil reserves but currently exports almost exclusively to the U.S., Gulf News reports. By forming partnerships with Asian countries, businesses will be able to expand into previously untapped markets, increasing production and profits.

No matter how or where these companies grow, they will eventually need more workers to fill open positions. Aspiring workers in Canada can look into taking courses in order to make themselves better qualified for these careers, as learning about basic office responsibilities and duties can improve their chances of landing a job.

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