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Main Connect News Canada Looking For Leadership In the Workplace

Canada Looking For Leadership In the Workplace

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leadership has long been considered an essential personal quality for those entering the business world. While taking courses at an Alberta college can help foster leadership in students across different industries, there is a need for many types of leadership across various sectors of Canadian society. The economy, and specifically within businesses, is one area where this need is prevalent.

Entrepreneurs acting as leaders in the business world are necessary for continued growth. As the Canadian economy continues to change, more individuals are needed to do their part to help the nation succeed. A recent survey of citizens found that only 39 per cent trust what their senior leaders say, and less than one in four think these same leaders are doing a good job of communicating what is happening in the workplace, according to research from the Canadian Management Centre.

If more business leaders improve their practices and open up the lines of communication within their companies, they may find it easier to attract top employees, expand their operations and set an example for those in their surroundings.

"The business community has an ever-increasing responsibility to stand up and inspire a new level of confidence," Brett Wilson wrote in the Financial Post. "This is the perfect time to inspire a renaissance in some basic life principles, such as honesty, fairness and mutual gain... Encouraging mutual respect can go a long way in building lifelong business relationships."

One way individuals can foster leadership is by taking part in a mentoring program. Experienced professionals and newcomers to an industry can pair up to learn more about the business world and cultural happenings, while sharing valuable information about how to handle certain situations and challenges in their industry.

Recent studies and surveys of employers point to the notion that soft skills, such as leadership, are necessary to have when searching for a job. According to Forbes, the best job candidates are the ones who have some kind of experience with leadership and other soft skills, whether it was used in a past place of employment or studied in business courses.

Those who want to strengthen their skills and gain knowledge before joining the business world can first enroll in Business Administration courses at Reeves College. For more information on the program, fill out the form on the right.