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Main Connect News Entrepreneurs Make Their Lunch Hours Count

Entrepreneurs Make Their Lunch Hours Count

Monday, March 18, 2013

Successful entrepreneurs know that the key to becoming an industry is working hard, but that intense effort should be balanced with breaks to increase productivity. One of these key moments is lunch breaks, and, according to The Globe and Mail, there are several entrepreneurs making waves in the Canadian business world, and each of them use this time in ways that help to best serve their employees and companies.

Chris Ye, who founded his own video game development company, uses the lunch hours as a way of bringing his employees together, the news source reports. His business provides catered meals for breakfast and lunch, and the cafeteria setting provides a chance for workers in different sectors to meet up and discuss work or social matters as a team.

Other entrepreneurs use their break time as a means to catch up with employees, walk around outside of the office or even power nap to help keep their focus sharp. No matter how they choose to spend their time, they almost always find a way that is beneficial to their mental health, which can help them stay productive for the rest of the day.

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