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Main Connect News Employees Should Learn Their Company's Internet Privacy Rights

Employees Should Learn Their Company's Internet Privacy Rights

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

As the internet age continues to evolve as fast as students can open a new tab on their browsers, the way legal professionals handle privacy issues follows suit. Technology has made it more difficult to create a strong sense of privacy online, and the laws supporting e-security are constantly being tweaked and adjusted to protect users. As a paralegal, it's important to be aware of these changes in the industry and follow safe practices to show colleagues that privacy should be considered a highly important priority for all.

One realm in which a person's privacy rights has been questioned is with company devices like BlackBerrys or laptops. Generally, companies allow some personal use on these gadgets, and in some cases, employers take advantage of this and inspect their personal information. In legal offices, young professionals will learn that these types of actions are actually illegal in some circumstances - so it might just be best to respect a person's privacy at all times.

Students in the legal sector should make sure to review their company's policy on privacy rights, especially with equipment they use that belongs to their employer.

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