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Main Connect News Gratitude in the Workplace Means Happy Employees

Gratitude in the Workplace Means Happy Employees

Monday, March 25, 2013

Being thankful and expressing gratitude is an important, fundamental quality that is just as essential in the workplace as it is at home with family and loved ones. Employees who have found an opportunity in their sector after making strong connections with peers and professors should give thanks to those who helped them along the way. At the same time, it's crucial for those in managerial roles to show the same amount of gratitude for their hard-working employees. Even the smallest verbal thank you can make a world of a difference for new workers starting out in the legal field, especially those who might be just a bit unsure of whether or not they are doing the job efficiently.

Many students might not even realize that this is a quality they look out for during the job search, but subconsciously, candidates can recognize a respectful and appreciative workplace just by setting foot in the office.

Here are a few perks of fostering - or working in - a warm and welcoming environment:

When employees are happy, they work harder. This is a researched topic that has been evident for decades, and analysts who have studied the topic discovered several ways that offices can nurture a positive team of workers. One way is to organize staff retreats to a location where everyone can relax comfortably between team-building activities. Workers will feel like they are on vacation and can feel rejuvenated when they return to their traditional office environment.

Fewer sick days
A healthy and happy workplace often means that the workers are reporting to work every day - and not getting sick. Many of these appreciative, respectful office environments facilitate strong fitness regimes and place an emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, either with gym membership deals or by sponsoring wellness fairs.

By showing workers that they care, employers might see a decrease in the number of sick days taken each year. This sense of respect also helps the overall retention rate of workers.

Strengthen relationships
Although mixing personal life with the workplace is not necessarily encouraged, having happy and strong relationships with coworkers is important to ensuring everyone is putting in 100 per cent effort at all times. When supervisors express their appreciation for a paralegal's contribution on a particular project, the employee might feel a greater sense of duty and obligation to live up to the boss's standards in the future. Ultimately, giving respect means that a worker will have a better chance of receiving it in the same fashion.

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