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Main Connect News Tips for Launching Careers in the Nonprofit Sector

Tips for Launching Careers in the Nonprofit Sector

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sometimes the best jobs are the ones that are the most personally fulfilling. People who devote their lives to helping others or striving to make the world a better place may find that the end goal of their organization is the best reward, and if that's the case then it's likely they are drawn to the idea of working with charities or nonprofits.

Nonprofits are organizations that conduct business for the benefit of the general public and operate without profit as the main motivation. Careers in this field are often both engaging and rewarding, as workers must constantly keep up with current events and new technologies in order to help people and encourage others to do the same. Despite all of the benefits of working in the nonprofit sector, some individuals may be hesitant about starting out, but there are two things to keep in mind for anyone considering a career in the field.

Don't be Afraid to Pursue Opportunities
One of the major reasons people may be turned off from pursuing their passion in the nonprofit is because they're concerned about the lack of jobs or high-paying positions in the field.

According to Vancouver Desi, more than 1.2 million people fulfilled roles in 69,000 different organizations in Canada's nonprofit sector last year, approximately seven per cent of the total workforce.

Get a Head Start by Volunteering
Experience is helpful to have when trying to land a job in any industry, but it becomes vital when the field is one that relies so heavily on individual efforts and personal relationships. Because these are important qualities to have when working for a nonprofit, aspiring professionals should get involved early and begin volunteering with a group they could see themselves working for.

By volunteering, individuals can see if a particular organization or type of nonprofit is a better fit than others or what roles they are best at. They can also forge relationships with supervisors who may be in charge of hiring or have other executive roles, giving students an advantage over other candidates.

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