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Main Connect News Get the skills Alberta’s employers demand at Reeves College

Get the skills Alberta’s employers demand at Reeves College

Friday, August 15, 2014

What skills do you need to thrive in Alberta’s hottest careers?

The Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS), the province’s gateway to education and career information, identifies two major types of skills that are equally important to employers when screening applicants.

Work-specific skills are the type of skills that Reeves College students learn hands-on from industry-experienced instructors. These are the skills that enable our graduates to excel in their chosen careers and hit the ground running as soon as they graduate. They’re the graphic designer’s ability to navigate Adobe Illustrator, for example, or a paralegal’s ability to properly handle legal evidence and documentation.

Employability skills, on the other hand, are the intangibles that Reeves College students develop during their practicum placement – part of virtually every Reeves College program. It’s the ability to think on your feet, perform under pressure and get along with colleagues in a hectic work environment. It used to be said that these skills simply couldn’t be taught – yet by combining practical instruction with hands-on work experience, Reeves College seems to have it mastered.

Of course, as Alberta’s leading career-training provider since 1961, Reeves College has a lot of experience. And that’s exactly what our graduates have – real, on-the-job experience – when they enter their chosen career.

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