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Main Connect News New Accelerated Acupuncture Program

New Accelerated Acupuncture Program

Monday, July 20, 2015

East Meets West in Unique Acupuncturist Career Path

Holistic medicine has come a long way in Western culture with acupuncture as one of the most popular forms of alternative therapy. Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture has been known to relieve pain, treat diseases, achieve wellness, and maintain overall health in patients. Through TCM, the human body is considered a unified energy system with different pathways or meridians of energy. In order to promote the free flow of energy, acupuncturists use thin needles to manipulate the balance of the body.

Now that acupuncture treatments are covered by most extended health care benefit plans, a higher demand for trained professionals is apparent. Reeves College’s Acupuncture program combines the TCM practices of acupuncture and Tuina massage together with fundamentals in Western Medicine including biochemistry, medical microbiology, and pharmacology.

In this 108-week program, students will cover specific acupuncture techniques and clinical observations that will give them a well-rounded education for diagnosing and treating patients. Students will also have access to the on-campus clinic where they can observe as well as practice their techniques. Upon graduation students will be well-versed in Western medical terminology and TCM principles, theory, and techniques.

Acupuncture treatments have become increasingly popular over the last several years as more interest in holistic medicine has grown. Acupuncture graduates can start their own practices, join existing clinics, or find employment at other medical centers. Since our curriculum is aligned to follow a typical five-year TCM university program in China, Reeves College is the ideal post-secondary institution for thorough, yet fast-paced Acupuncturist training in Alberta.

In addition to the intensive course study, students in the Acupuncturist program must complete a supervised clinical internship. As future professionals in the industry, students will be required to formulate herbal treatments, counsel patients, and prepare sterilization of needles and other tools.

Reeves College's Edmonton City Centre campus is currently accepting applications for the Acupuncture program. Click here to apply or fill out the form on the right to request more information.