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Main Connect News Reeves College announces new Logistics & Supply Chain Management Program

Reeves College announces new Logistics & Supply Chain Management Program

Monday, November 20, 2017

Gain accelerated, hands-on training in high-demand industry

The management of information, time, money, and movement of goods is an essential part of any business, especially in our globalized world. Supply chain management professionals have an important role in this process, and the right place to get the hands-on career training needed to excel in this field is the new Logistics & Supply Chain Management program at Reeves College.  

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management program offers training into supply and demand estimation and forecasting, operations and financial planning, and negotiation techniques.

In the program, you’ll receive thorough, accelerated training, with a focus on both theoretical and practical elements of the supply chain, and with hands-on industry practicum placements as part of the training, you’ll be job-ready upon graduation.

With 104,000 job openings projected until 2024, professionals such as Inventory Managers earning a median wage of $52.04/hr*, and dynamic and diverse employment opportunities across multiple industries, the supply chain management profession is an increasingly attractive career option.

Adaptable and flexible mindsets are key in this field, and with the pace of technological innovation, it’s a profession that will guarantee ongoing challenges.

According to a new report by APICS, the professional association for supply chain management, satisfaction in the industry is high - especially among millennials.

“We see that more millennials who started their career in supply chain are moving around less, are highly satisfied with their jobs and see more opportunities for advancement in the field,” says APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi. “

The same survey also showed 81 per cent of respondents feel they can make a difference in the supply chain field, and 88 per cent think there are opportunities for advancement in the field.

Reeves College is now accepting applications for the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Program. Fill out the Request Info form on your right to learn how you can get started today.