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Main Connect News Train in Edmonton to work in digital marketing

Train in Edmonton to work in digital marketing

Friday, March 29, 2019

If you’re creative and like to get results, a career in digital and social media marketing might be right for you.

The field is rapidly evolving with new platforms, tools, and strategies constantly emerging.

This means businesses and organizations reply upon experts who can develop and deliver effective campaigns on the web and social media.

These are individuals who have honed their skill in content creation, PPC advertising, SEO, web design, and other in-demand areas.

Their day-to-day duties vary widely. They might handle anything from writing copy and scheduling posts to monitoring web traffic and reporting on analytics.

Because people spend so much time online, just about every business or organization has the opportunity to reach their audiences there.

That means digital and social media marketers can find employment in many industries and areas of the economy. 

They work for public institutions, large private companies, non-profit organizations, charities, and more.

Entering this field, you can also expect to be paid well. Advertising, marketing, and public relations professionals in Alberta earn a median wage of $35 per hour*.

Sound interesting? If so, the next step is to get the right training. You can get there with the diploma and certificate programs at Reeves College in Edmonton.

Choose from the Business and Digital Marketing Management diploma or the Social Media and Web Marketing diploma.

In the 41-week Business and Digital Marketing Management program, you’ll learn about accounting, project management, digital marketing, and other key areas.

Meanwhile, the 65-week Social Media and Web Marketing program covers web design, social media, content creation, business basics, and more.

To learn more about the programs, fill out the REQUEST INFO form.

*alis.alberta.ca; 2019