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Main Connect News Reeves College's Advice to the Graduating Class of 2020

Reeves College's Advice to the Graduating Class of 2020

Friday, July 24, 2020

“Graduating is big achievement under any circumstance.” – President Barack Obama (Commencement Speech to Class of 2020)


Due to the ongoing pandemic, what going to school looks like and the employment outlook (once you graduate) has changed substantially. With the absence of graduation ceremonies, there is still much to celebrate, including the weeks and months of hard work and dedication, and being ready to embark on your new career!


While the job market has undergone many shifts – certain industries are booming while others are struggling – there is still an abundance of jobs. The jobs available now may be slightly different than what you were anticipating, but it doesn’t mean it won’t help you advance your career in the right direction.


Here’s what you need to know in order to find success after graduation:


Be Forgiving

As there is still so much uncertainty, you need to be ready to go with the flow and overcome new challenges as they arise. Obama had said: “the disappointments of missing a live graduation will pass pretty quick.” He adds, “not that many people look great in those caps!”


By putting less emphasis on the physical symbols of graduating, and focusing on what graduating means in terms of your career, it will allow you to focus on the next steps and let go of things that were out of your control.


Be Adaptable

It’s okay to not get hired in your dream position right away. Any job you take right now will still add experience to your resume and employers are extremely understanding, in light of COVID-19.


There will always be more opportunities to search for better jobs in the coming months and years. That said, as the economy opens up, many industries are hiring again and opportunities are expanding. 


Be Flexible

Now that you have training both on-campus and online, you have developed the skills to work as part of a collaborative team and individually – including the skill set to work in remote environments. This will be very beneficial, as many workplaces are shifting their operations online and encouraging their employees to work from home. 


In addition to the above, our career advisors are here to help. Contact us for help and support in finding your first job.


Congratulations to the class of 2020! We wish you all the best on your future endeavours.


“If we’re going to defeat future pandemics, we’re going to have to do it together. Be alive to one another’s struggles, stand up for each other’s rights, and leave behind old ways of thinking. Set the world on a different path.” – President Barack Obama