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Main Connect News The Ultimate Fall 2020 Bucket List

The Ultimate Fall 2020 Bucket List

Thursday, November 5, 2020

We believe we can all agree that fall is the coziest season of all! So we've compiled together the ultimate fall buckets list for you to enjoy the best of fall with it, while still being safe and practicing physical distancing away from those who are not in your bubble.


Bake a pie

How about some pumpkin action! After you carved your pumpkin, use the puree to make a delicious pie! It doesn't have to be a pumpkin pie, if you're not a fan of pumpkins. Treat yourself to a pie of your choice, such as strawberry rhubarb or apple.


Go thrift-shopping for fall decorations

It’s the perfect time to bring warmth to your space with simple décor hacks. Here are some suggestions: add more artwork to your walls; look for candles; get some plants or dried flowers; or consider getting a rug. You can also declutter and clean as much as you can to make space for upcoming holiday decorations.


Watch the leaves change colours.

Fall can be a truly magical time if you stop to take time to admire all the beauty it brings. If you're looking for a mindfulness activity, then watching nature changes colour is the answer.



Sip on some cider (18+)

If you are above the legal drinking age, then there’s nothing that says “fall vibes” more than enjoying Alberta’s top craft cider. Try it outdoors on a patio!


Eat fondue in Banff

Take a day or weekend trip to visit the infamous, rustic restaurant – The Grizzly House – in Banff, Alberta and try their scrumptious fondue. You’ll instantly warm up your day, while enjoying the beautiful mountains.


Wear a fall sweater

Wearing a cozy sweater will make you “fall in love” with the fall season. Stay warm and cozy for the cooler weather by wearing a comfortable fall sweater.


See the Northern Lights

With longer nights after daylight savings, you’ll have more opportunities to camp out in Northern Alberta and experience picturesque views that will last a lifetime.


Do a random act of kindness

This year has not been an easy year for many people. Your kindness goes a long way, whether it is giving someone an unexpected compliment or letting someone cut in front of you in line. This act of kindness could also include leaving a positive comment on blog post or news story.



Make your own latte

If you're leaning towards trying something new, this could be a great new skill to learn and impress your family and friends! After all, it is latte season!


We hope that you’re able to safely enjoy this fall season with some of these options, or maybe you’ve already come up with a few of your own. Ready, set, bucket list!