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Main Connect News 6 Ways to Stay Warm During the Winter

6 Ways to Stay Warm During the Winter

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

  1. Frequent Hand Washing. Though it may start to sound like a broken record, frequent handwashing throughout the day is an absolute must in maintaining your health during the winter. It not only helps protect your immune system and prevent you from developing flu and cold, but it protects others around you.


  1. Drink Herbal Teas. There are many types of herbal teas that can help you stay healthy. Herbal teas like lemon and chamomile can ease depression and anxiety by calming nerves and relaxing your body. They can also help you sleep better. Some herbal teas like green and Rooibos are great antioxidants. For the most benefit, be sure to look for organic teas made from high-quality ingredients.


  1. Sleep Longer and Better. When the days get shorter, your body will naturally want to sleep longer and will adjust its rhythm to the hours of daylight. Use the longer evenings to wind down and begin relaxing before bed. Try to go to bed as early as possible to give your body enough rest during the times it craves it the most.


Some people choose to use light boxes that operate on a timer and turn on gradually when it’s time to wake up. This helps your body feel like it is morning. Using this method means that it will be easier to wake up over time, even if it’s dark outside.


  1. Workout at Home. If you have no desire to head outdoors for your workout, then never fear. There are plenty of resources online that supply fun workout videos and exercises. These resources offer a variety of workouts, including yoga, strength training, aerobics and other body-weight exercises. Check out Pinterest for tons of great resources so you can get fit in the comfort of your own living room.




  1. Eat More Green and Orange Vegetables. Sticking primarily to vegetables and fruits that are dark green and orange is important in ensuring you’re getting healthy nutrients, sugars and fats. Spinach, kale, Swiss chard, squash, carrots and oranges are all delicious during the winter. There are plenty of recipes available to incorporate these items into your regular winter diet.





  1. Take Vitamin Supplements. Consuming lots of vitamin C during the winter will help your body battle cold and flu symptoms if you experience them. Vitamin D helps to supplement the lack of light experienced during winter, but it’s still important to get out in the sun whenever it does appear. Vitamin D helps to absorb other important vitamins like vitamin A, iron and calcium.



Many of these tips can be introduced to your daily routine, and you can track any improvement that you have found to your health. Take the care and precaution you need to keep your body safe and healthy this winter