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Main Connect News Introducing Resume Target For Job Seekers

Introducing Resume Target For Job Seekers

Friday, January 8, 2021

This year just got even better. Did you know that we have Career and Employment Services to help our students reach their career goals? Reeves College has partnered with Resume Target, a top-rated professional resume writing service that empowers job seekers.


Students and recent graduates of Reeves College will have access to over 600 free downloadable resume and cover letter templates, with customizations for over 50 industries, highlighting key skills and strengths that employers are looking for. In addition, you have access to career advice and resources to better prepare you for starting your career. Sign up and enable job alerts and career opportunities to find opportunities in your desired field after graduation.


Career Services at Reeves College helps students and recent graduates conduct thorough job searches to successfully launch their new careers. We have a dedicated team of experts from our Career and Employment Services team to help you along the way is vital in your career journey.



Are you wondering how to gain access to this useful platform? Reeves College students and graduates can gain exclusive access to a career transition platform through logging onto your MyCampus account with your Reeves College student login info.



Wait! It gets better than that. After you gain professional training and hands-on knowledge from your practicum placement, our Career Services team will help you identify your strengths to make you a strong candidate when entering the workforce.


Once you land that desired interview, the Reeves College Career Services team will help you prepare and give you insight into what employers want to hear to get you hired. By maintaining an extensive network of employees throughout Alberta, Reeves College continues to build relationships with the companies that have hired Reeves College graduates.



For more information on their services, please visit the Career Services webpage.