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Main Connect News Four Student Resources You Need To Know About

Four Student Resources You Need To Know About

Thursday, July 15, 2021

We know that pursuing your studies can be tricky at times, but there are resources that make your time at college easier and memorable. Here are some student resources that you may not have known about.



Career Services


Your success is our priority, that's why we have an entire team of experts to guide you in your career journey. We've also partnered with Resume Target to provide you with access to over 600 resume and cover letter templates that can be customized for over 50 different industries. Our Career Services team can help you conduct efficient and thorough job searches to get you closer to your dream career. Learn more about Career Services here.



Student Services


Student Services is designed to help students navigate through their new programs to graduation and beyond. Each of our campuses offers a variety of support from our student services representatives. They can help you with your class schedule, ensure that you have the correct textbook and material, monitor your academic progress, issues transcripts, and give you the support you need to succeed. Learn more about Student Services here.



Practicum Placements


When you start your job search, employers value candidates that already possess work experience. Practicum Placements look great on resumes, and employers like to see more than just a diploma when interviewing. Reeves College offers students the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience through practicum placements, so you can stand out from the competition in your field. Each student has access to a practicum placement coordinator from your program. Learn more about practicum placements here.



Financial Aid


Students can choose from a variety of services to find the information they need for your financial aid application. Alberta currently offers government student loans, and RBC offers the RBC Royal Credit Line for students. In addition, we also regularly have scholarships for many of our programs. Learn more about financial aid options here.


We hope that you found these resources useful and that they can help you reach your career goals.