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Main Connect News Top 4 Jobs for New Graduates in Canada

Top 4 Jobs for New Graduates in Canada

Friday, November 5, 2021

Congratulations on your graduation from Reeves College! You know, going to school is like a tricky level in a video game: it’s tough, but once you complete it your world opens up to tremendous opportunities. With a wide range of jobs now within reach, your first step is to explore opportunities on job search websites. There are some jobs that are particularly popular among new graduates, so let’s look at what they are and the kind of work they entail.


1.         Administrative Assistant

Just graduated from one of our business programs? You can start at many companies as an administrative assistant. As an administrative assistant, you may help out an entire office, a particular team, or even be the right-hand of a top manager to keep things running smoothly. This role gives you the opportunity to learn the company’s processes and see how business is conducted. If you secure your reputation as a hardworking, efficient, and reliable assistant, your employer may recommend you to HR managers, and you may even find yourself moving up in the company.


You could earn a salary of $49,900* per year as an administrative assistant.


2.         Sales Account Manager


Perhaps you have great people skills and graduated from one of our business programs. People often tell you that you have excellent communication skills and are creative. A job in sales and account management might just be right for you. This industry demands outgoing, creative employees who understand recent trends and who can bring in new ideas to draw in customers. This position is often a foot in the door to many industries, and can be lucrative for the right person.


The median salary for account management is $51,200*, which can grow substantially with experience and commission.


3.         Social Media Manager


Earned your diploma in Social Media Marketing or Business and Digital Marketing? Social media managers are in high demand. You get to work with different platforms to create and drive strategy. To put it briefly, you will be promoting your company via social media channels, whether through organic or paid social media posts. These days, you can earn not only "likes," but also money through social media.


The median salary for this position is 62,000* a year.


4.         Quality Control Specialist


Did you study in any of our technology programs? Consider taking up a role as a quality control specialist, which can often be employed under different titles within the technology industry. Check in with a career services team member before you apply to make sure you’re not missing out on a great opportunity. As a quality control (or assurance) specialist, you get to test out many new developments before anyone else does.


Median salaries in this field is around $90,900* a year.


The Future of Jobs in Canada


Data from websites like Jooble.com show that there are plenty of choices open to you when it comes to finding employment after school. Remember that no matter which path you choose, it will be the right one! Take a deep breath and remember that the Reeves College career services team is here to help you every step of the way in finding work after you graduate. Start your search here, and good luck!


*Please note that all median salaries are based on wage stats from alis.alberta.ca