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Main Connect News Surprising Benefits of Volunteering That Will Get You Started Today

Surprising Benefits of Volunteering That Will Get You Started Today

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Each year, National Volunteering Week is celebrated in April to recognize the contribution of volunteers across the nation. It is also a crucial time for organizations to seek more participation from volunteers, and provides an important incentive for people looking to get into volunteering.


At Reeves College, getting an education is about much more than just attending classes. It is a chance to apply your learning in the real world, and an opportunity to volunteer.


Here are a few reasons to start your journey as a volunteer today:


It boosts your resume and improves job prospects


Whether you are just starting in your career or seeking additional experience, volunteering can be a great way to boost your resume. It can also be crucial to help you decide what skills you can add to your portfolio, and what job profiles you can target with the skills you acquire.



It helps you develop real-world skills


Aside from the job skills you can add to your resume, participating in volunteer opportunities goes beyond preparing you for the job market. Volunteering presents the perfect playground to get a glimpse of what it looks like to work in the real world.



It increases networking opportunities and helps you make new connections


Networking is one of the best ways to land a job in the Canadian job market. An organic way of expanding your network is through volunteering. When you volunteer with like-minded individuals, the chances of getting to know people in your area of expertise or career interest increase exponentially. These connections can prove to be valuable in your job hunt.



It improves your mental health and well-being


With an array of exams, assignments, and project submissions, the life of a college student can get exhausting. In this chaos, volunteering can be a welcoming change of pace and a productive way to break away from your hectic schedule. Volunteering has proven benefits to help manage stress and anxiety. By volunteering, you can become a part of something bigger than yourself.



It helps you meet new friends


Do you like meeting new people and working on improving your social skills? Making new friends is a great way to do both. Volunteering can be an excellent avenue to form new friendships. You can bond over common interests and even form relationships that last a lifetime.



It makes you more knowledgeable about your community


The best way to know more about the world around you is to involve yourself more in community initiatives. This is where volunteering comes in. It gives you a sense of purpose for your surroundings.



This April, Reeves College is celebrating Volunteer week by engaging our students and staff in conversations about volunteering. Click here to learn more about one of Reeves College’s volunteering initiatives.