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Dental Office Administration

If you have a flair for organization and communication and an interest in working in a healthcare environment, the Dental Office Administration program is for you.

The Dental Office Administration program will empower you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to provide excellent customer service and support in a dental office. You'll gain an understanding of dental terminology, billing procedures, appointment management, insurance company protocols, and communication skills. You'll also have hands-on training in dental software applications and learn how to deal with patients’ charts in a clinical setting.

With a 100-hour-long practicum placement included, you'll have the chance to gain valuable real-world experience, designed to give you an advantage when launching your new career.


Admissions Requirements

Applicants must meet with an admissions representative in addition to ONE of the following criteria:

Standard Admission

  • Alberta high school diploma or equivalent verified by transcript or DAR
  • Provide a CRC/Immunization disclaimer (form provided by the college).


Mature Admission

Students must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age prior to admission (19 for out-of-province)
  • Provide a CRC/Immunization disclaimer (form provided by the college)
  • Successful completion of the Reeves College Admissions Test.

*Manitoba applicants must also have been out of school for one year in addition to the above

Certifications Received

  • First Aid Level 1 Certification
  • CPR training and Certification 
  • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System training)



This program is 43 weeks in length.
  • Dental Receptionist
  • Dental and specialist offices
  • Dental distribution companies
  • Dental departments within hospital settings

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Program Courses
SSS4 / Student Success Strategies
Students will gain a better understanding of themselves through an exploration of their personal attributes, transferable skills and learning styles. This course will introduce techniques for time, conflict, and stress management and develop interpersonal communication skills. Fundamental study and motivation skills will be covered, preparing students to excel in their program of choice. Students will also prepare a professional resume and learn how to write effective cover letters.
MOT4 / Microsoft Outlook

This course presents the MS Outlook application interface, tools, and features. You will learn about the fundamentals of an e-mail application, scheduling, calendars, contact lists, creating, forwarding and managing messages. This course relies heavily upon hands-on practical activities that allow you to learn concepts by practicing them on a regular basis.

MSW4 / Microsoft Word

This course introduces the students to word processing with Microsoft Word. Relying heavily on a hands-on practical training approach, students learn by doing skills based simulations, training and assessments. Learners will focus on the core features of Microsoft Word such as proper document formatting, organization and editing using the tools and features of the ribbon. The course will then continue with more advanced topics such as working with tables, lists, objects, templates footnotes and endnotes and mail merges. Students will explore the collaboration features that allow users to share and collaborate on documents through the use of track changes, sharing and reviewing.

MSE4 / Microsoft Excel

Relying heavily on a hands-on practical training approach, students learn by doing skills based simulations, training and assessments in Microsoft Excel. The course starts with an overview of spreadsheets and how to use the common features and functions of Microsoft Excel. The course then focuses on the core features of Microsoft Excel where students learn how to enter and format data and use the various functions and formulas to manage and manipulate data. The course continues with more advanced topics such as performing quantitative analysis with logical, lookup and various mathematical and financial functions. Depicting data visually is an important feature of Excel. Students will learn how to work with charts in Excel to produce a variety of different charts based on data housed in a spreadsheet. Finally, students will learn to handle large volumes of data with datasets and tables.

PSK4 / Professional Skills
This course is designed to equip students with the skills necessary for dealing effectively with both customers and colleagues in the business world. Using a variety of instructional methods including role-plays, case studies, group exercises, simulated situations, and discussions, students learn and practice customer service and interpersonal skills necessary for success in today’s business environment.
MECX / Medical Emergency, First Aid, CPR and WHMIS

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are required to recognize and prevent medical and dental emergencies within a pharmacy/medical/dental office.  It will prepare students to assist the physician /dentist/ pharmacist in administering immediate care for the client in the medical office environment.  Students also participate in CPR-first aid training. Lectures, reading assignments, and laboratory projects will provide a basic understanding of medical emergencies and the role of the office assistant in assisting with the administration of care used in the office.  This information permits the student to interpret and relay information and to communicate to the health care team and emergency workers.  Canadian law requires that any person exposed to hazardous materials in the workplace must be trained in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).  This course has been developed to meet and exceed the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.  WHMIS 2015 training includes the new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling for chemicals (GHS), as well as WHMIS legislation introduced in 1988.  Subjects include:

  • Typical medical emergencies
  • Roles of individuals in emergencies
  • CPR training and certification
  • First Aid Level 1 certification
  • WHMIS training 


HCC4 / Health Care Communications
Learning basic communication skills especially relating to the medical field will assist the student in dealing with all patients. Understanding cultural differences and encouraging diversity can add a new dimension and safer patient healthcare delivery to the medical office.
MLA4 / Medical Language I
Medicine, like other professions, has its own language. Students will learn to work with the specialized terminology of medicine, including the pronunciation and spelling of terms to describe medical circumstances and situations. Students will learn through descriptions, illustrations and exercises to identify the major anatomical features and systems of the body and the common pathologies, which can adversely affect these systems.
MLB4 / Medical Language II
In the second level of the course, students will learn the medical language including: Urology – the urinary system; Endocrinology – the endocrine system; Neurology – the nervous system; Otolaryngology – the special senses – ear and eye; Gynecology and Obstetrics – the female reproductive systems; and Genitourinary – the male reproductive system.
AB-DR104 / Dental Reception Procedures

This course presents complete and accurate coverage of the basic skills needed to perform effectively as a Dental Office Manager and will provide students with the knowledge and skills related to dental reception procedures. Topics will include the daily routines and tasks of an office, telephone, developing client communication skills and the basic steps in filing. Students will practise appointment management, and establish continuing-care systems.  This course will also teach students various formatting styles to written communication, inventory systems, and time management.  Other topics include becoming familiar with dental specialties and become acquainted with types of drugs commonly prescribed in a dental office. 

AB-DR114 / Dental Insurance

Following dental reception and office procedures training, this course expands into an overview of dental insurance.  The course provides students with the knowledge and skills related to the use of provincial dental fee guides and claims terminology. Topics will include dental benefits and identifying parties affected by dental benefits.  This course will also teach students how to perform all tasks associated with preparing dental claim forms. This will include paper claim forms and predeterminations.  The course introduces the student to common dental benefits, benefit limitations, exclusions, coordination of benefits and determining order of liability. Other topics will include assignment of benefits, copayments, calculating copayments and explanation of benefits. 

AB-DR124 / Charting and Records Management

Students begin this course with an introduction to ethics and protecting the privacy of dental clients.  This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to maintain patient records.  Topics will include patient registration, health history forms, records retention and records transfer. Students will learn symbols and abbreviations used in clinical charts and practice entering existing conditions and recording treatment procedures on a clinical chart. 

AB-DR134 / Financial Systems

This course will teach students how to perform all tasks associated with basic office bookkeeping. Students will learn financial systems used in a dental office including accounts receivable and accounts payable. The course also covers establishing financial arrangements, payrolls basics, petty cash, debit and credit transactions, daily banking and bank reconciliation.  Other topics include marketing the dental practice. 

AB-DSM4 / Dental Software Management

Students are introduced to dental software packages commonly used in offices and facilities.  The software functions include patient registration, appointment booking, billing, reconciliations, and records management.  The course also describes the various reports used in dental office bookkeeping in a computerized system. Topics in this course also include:

  • Dental software applications
  • Setting up and adjusting appointments
  • Insurance billing/pre-determinations
  • Reconciliation of accounts at day-end; month- and yearend processing
  • Correcting billing errors
  • Office reporting: providers’ work; A/R; patient lists; labels 
CES4 / Career and Employment Strategies

This course builds on the skills learned in the Student Success Strategies course or its equivalent. It provides information on how to use the communication skills learned in order to make a successful presentation to a prospective employer. Students also learn how to uncover the hidden job market and identify employment opportunities. Self-assessment during this course allows students to identify their personal skills that are transferable to the workplace and to describe these skills to a prospective employer. Students may be videotaped during a mock interview and will participate in the analysis of their performance in the “interview”.

AB-DOA-PR / Practicum

Students will be placed in actual work places related to their field of study and will be expected to act as a regular employee in order to gain the valuable real world experience that so many employers seek.  Students are encouraged to find their own work experience placement; however, once placed, continuation in that placement is mandatory.

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