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Main Connect News It’s Tax Season Again: How Can Accountants Help?

It’s Tax Season Again: How Can Accountants Help?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Accountants take the stress out of doing your taxes

Calgary, AB - March 4, 2010 - Well, it is that time of year again - yes ... tax season!

We all know that accountants play a major role during this season - helping both individuals and businesses. Some may wonder, just how important are accountants when it comes to your finances?

Accountants, without a doubt, are true income and business tax experts. They can help both consumers and companies sort out both simple and complex tax records. This situation is extremely important if you wish to maximize your tax deductions and /or tax returns. After all, most people do have questions when it comes to RRSP contributions, charitable donations, new tax laws, medical expenses, and other tax areas.  For those individuals who wish to file taxes on their own behalf, an accountant can recommend tax record keeping software to you - or even set it up for you.

Accountants are especially helpful to businesses at tax time as well. Often, the laws surrounding business taxes are complex and time consuming for the average business owner to figure out.  Accountants can help businesses minimize the taxes they'll owe and even provide financial advice if it is needed.